Friday, November 2, 2012

Installing GDAL/OGR with FileGDB support on OSX with Homebrew

Very often I get asked how to get GDAL’s FileGDB driver working on a Mac.

My preferred way these days is to do it all with Homebrew (an amazing replacement for Fink/Macports](

Homebrew helps you install several open source packages using simple command line commands like:

 brew install imagemagick

The problem with getting it working with FileGDB, is that the FileGDB API is not Open Source and thus cannot be included in the standard Homebrew “recipes”. Getting it to work takes a few extra steps, but it is not that bad:

Install Homebrew

After you are done, make sure it works by installing a tool like wget from the command line. brew install wget

Download and install the FileGDB API from ESRI’s site

1.- Go to the ESRI FileGDB download site and download the OSX version of the FileGDB API

2.- Copy the contents of the include directory to /usr/local/include. For a cleaner system, create soft links.

3.- Copy of the contents of the lib directory to /usr/local/lib. Again, use soft links if that is your thing.

Install gdal from homebrew - but pass the —enable-unsupported flag

 brew install gdal --enable-unsupported

Not bad, huh?

Update (7/8/13): Fixed dead links


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